“Katherine and Randy’s story is the Love Story we all dream of, and was the inspiration for this piece.”

  • 12 Mar 2017

    Sheryl Anjanette’s ‘Love Story’ Graces Luxury Home On Parade

    It was a warm summer day when Katherine and Randy Schneewind walked into a small studio in Carlsbad, California where they were spending a few vacation days. Art lovers and collectors, they were especially fond of discovering emerging artists. At the time, they also just happened to be building their dream home just outside of Minneapolis. This summer day, a particular sculpture caught their eye, and after leaving to return home, they could not get it out of their mind. So Katherine had one of her relatives in the area stop back to get the artist’s name. The sculpture she could not let go of did not yet have a name. It just had feeling and a story that resonated so deeply that she connected with Sheryl Anjanette, the sculptor, and followed the progress, even collaborating on the final naming, Love Story. It was perfect, for as Katherine shared with Sheryl, she and Randy had their own true love story, and this sculpture would have a very special meaning for them.

    “Katherine and Randy’s story is the love story we all dream of, and was the inspiration for this piece. What is amazing is that I met them after the piece had been started… the vision of true love, and creation of the art depicting it attracted the real life story making the Schneewind’s purchase of ‘Casting 1’ of Love Story more special than words can describe,” says Sheryl.

    Katherine also shared the progress of their beautiful new home that was to be featured in a Luxury Home Tour for the month of June, 2015. Gracing the cover of the Luxury Home Tour magazine, their “forever home” would have gallery style backlit art niches to display commissioned artwork, and Katherine and Randy chose a special place for Love Story.

    “Every time we turn to look down our hallway and see our incredible sculpture Love Story it takes our breath away!” exudes Katherine. “Sheryl’s ability to capture the essence of love, emotion and connection through her art is what speaks to us every day. There is a universal quality to Sheryl’s work that speaks the language of the world. Thank you for bringing our real Love Story to life!”

    Sheryl Anjanette resides in North County San Diego and is available for commissions. Her work can be seen on her website at, and you can visit her on Facebook at Love Story is available as a limited edition, and can be seen on tour at the Schneewind’s residence June 5-7, 12-14 and 19-21, 2015 or online at

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